UNI T UT201 400 600A Digital Clamp Multimeter Voltage Current Resistance Tester

digital multimeters ut33c, Wholesale earth grounding resistance tester

Volt Meter Dc Amp

Lubosky31*16*7. Ncv clamp meter. 400 ohm~40m ohm. Wholesale vicker hardness tester. Dcv:2-1000v,acv:200-750v. 70w*75h*30dmm. 210 x 75 x 35mm/8.27" x 2.95" x 1.38"All sun oscilloscope. 400/4k/40k/400k/4mω±1.2%,40mω±2.0%. Free shipping. 210mm * 75.6mm * 30 mm. Rel: Reactive power: Ut232. Digital voltage tester multimeters. Wholesale d4i novo. Manual range. -40~100 celsius. 


25mm*30mm. M266f. 4-600v. 2x 1.5v aaa (not included). Automic test. Newest. Jetting. Safety standard: 2a/20a/200a. Digital ammeter clamp. Multimeter auto rang. Heating resistance wire. Bm5266. Uni-t multimeter. Pince multimetre: Ut281a package: 189 x 70 x 39mm. 

Wholesale De9091

60.00nf / 600.0nf /6.000μf/60.00μf/600.0μf/ 6.000mf / 60.00mf. 200v 200uf capacitor. Ac/dc voltage: 6000 counts. Multiple dc. 149*58*28mm. Center-252. Dbm meter. Hold  key: 600m/6/60/600v. Jsy 1220. Ac:66a/1000a. Wholesale temperature fork. 208mm * 78mm * 35 mm. 100uf. 518g / 18.29oz. 

Range Multimeter

Prova-21. 3 in 1 soil detector. Zero mode: Sc10luu. Dc 400mv/4v/40v/400v/1000v. 230 * 85 * 40mm. 6f22 9v battery. Wholesale hyelec. Arm clamp. 203*75*32mm. Low battery indicator: 400a/2000. Double insulation. 57*175*16. 4nf/40nf/400nf/4uf/40uf1000v +-(0.5% + 1). 170x61x27mmClamp ct, noncontact mode. Tester manometer. 

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