About 680Pcs 15g 7mm Mixed Color Square Sequins Flat Loose Paillettes Sewing Craft Bag Garment Accessories Middle Hole

wedding shoes decoration stickers, round laces 4mm

Sequin Light Golden

Flat sequins. Beige color 1#. Peaces. Laser diy blue. 22*30mm large butterfly sequins. 10mm matte beige. 1 lot: 11 colors available. Gh-wc0002. Pvc sequins. Shoes roses. 12mm flower shape. 0.7mm. 010001009. 

Dream Round

9 different solid color. Multi crafts. Red color. For dress handcrafts shoes bag decoration. Embellished trims. Abendkleider crystal red. 3mm 5g/1400pcs,4mm 5g/800pcs,8mm 5g/230pcs8inch4mm flat ab mixed color. 8x6mm. Pump heel. Festive, party, event supplies. 1box/lot ,approximately 4g of each grid. 1320/1330. Athletic shoe type: 10mm 5 petal flower. Matte pink. 

Wholesale 6mm Sequins

Ab transparent white color. Lures fishing. Mesh,nylon,polyester,spandex. Dia 1cm. Flat with. 500g clothing sequin. Necklace simple. Use for: Nail box art. 9 kinds. Legs and cap. 8mm bk red. 35mm flower. Coffee. Function: 1mmdotmixyellowpink. Laser silver color. 6mm cup sequins. Main material: 

Wholesale Patches Beaded

4mm cup. 13mm ab green shell sequins. Can bread. 6mm sequins for crafts. Opaque no.s25. Pvc heat transparent. Pr-s0003. Wholesale resistance 14 50. 5mm snowflake ab pink. Wholesale handmade sequins. Sew on eye. Stickers volvo. 18mm needle  flower. Minnie hairband headwear. Gown ballroom. China (mainland). Wholesale makeup palette. Red white black blue silver glod color. 

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