Biological 100pcs Prepared Glass Microscope Slides Educational Specimen with Chinese English Label for School and Lab

lens diod, Lupa Magnifier 180X120mm Convinient A5 Flat PVC Sheet X3 Book Page Magnification Magnifying Reading Glass Lens Brand New, ac.dc

Finder Distance

Prism. 124*40*23mm. Xhdh-00023. 0.5x lucky zoom. Micorgraphy. Mg600a. A pair. 12mp. 47297. M42x0.75 to 1.25" telescope lens. Wholesale luna sakurakouji. 1 piece(camera only, microscope & computer are not included). Stands truckings. Laser lens cable. Svbony 1.25''. Qhy5r-ii-c. Len filming: Reflectivity: 

Laser Co2 Lens 18mm

A&w times. 192*122mm. 23.2mm+30mmm+30.5mm ring. Under glass. Fdj-3040. Jj4724-01. Adapter spotting scope camera. Gearbox. Mileseey mini 40m laser distance meter. T2 ring adapter. Jewelry mirrors. 

Microscope Lens

266 trial lens. Boblov. High speed dsp(m-jpeg). 60f/s 1080p full hd hdmi industrial video microscope camera. 1.3m pixel. 23.4oz. Optical lenses, : Infrared. For d/slr camera. Binoculars zoom. 3 aaa batteries(not inlcuded). 2 lines. Objective lens: Fram filters. Living water resistant. Sugar. Zoom-10x. Distance plastic. 

3x Telescope

Magnifier for reading. Mini projector zoom. Astronomy: Sz-lhll-i036730. Binoculares professional: 2x 3.8x 4.5x 5.5x. Mg19157-2. 66m/8000m. Infrared measure distance. Eyepiece: Magnifiers glass. Wholesale ultrasound. Binocular : Telescope laser rangefinder. 01-4 seconds. 

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