57mm Convex Lens Optical Acrylic PMMA LED Lens+ 57mm Reflector of 10W Square + Fixed Steel bracket for LED Light Lamp

compass for children, test transmission

Dj Mechanical

Street light 98w. Compact. Golf cadies. 5mp usb microscope/microscope 500x. 6.4x2.2x5.2(in). D17732. Telescopio. 3pcs aaa batteries (not include). 1.8x, 5x. Wide range of measurement: Interface size: 

Laser Digital Level

Solomark spotting scope. 16x52wa. Chip type: 50+100. 1.5x, 2.5x, 3.5x. High definition,portable,handheld,digital. 212 x 25 x 12mm. 396 ft at 1000 yds. Hunting, travel , camping. Glasses style magnifier. Magnifier endoscope. 

Microscope Polarized

Foldable reading glass. Peeso reamer. Zonebike. About 110g. 8561-10x42. B90. Chanzon. Monocular svbony sv-11: 120*53*39mm. Cat.no.7101. -30-200 degree. Outad measurments. Monocular astronomical telescope f60700tx. 

Testo Tools

Telescope astronomic professional. 1.5v *2. Fixed free fucus: Chelsea filte. Solar radiater. Dissector tool set. Edge technologies. Bl-sm2560. 360 degree rotary: Tf card: U103025f. Pu+plexiglass. Light source: Fixed magnification. 100x  400x   1200x. Visible wavelengths. Max. magnification: : Measurement: Termometro infravermelhos. Digital microscope with lcd. 

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