LeeTun DIV 0.1 mm Eyepiece Micrometer for Stereo Microscope Reticle Vertical Line Horizontal Ruler 10 0 10 Diameter 24 mm

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Diy Lens

Xcam1080phb. Tl1652. Spcc064. Laser for marker. Ek8543-10x50. Eyepiece for zoom stereo. Clips for glass metalReflection mirror laser co2. Jpeg: 720p 13mp vga hdmi video microscope camera. Magnifier rectangular. Tr8. 760 g. Thread t-mount adapter: 2 x 1.5v aaa battery (not include). Celestron plossl eyepiece. Manual focus from 3mm to 40mm. Clear. Optical filter: : 4 mm. 

Photo Laser Engraving

Magnifiers watchmaker. Telescope adapter. 200 mm. Function 7: 220 * 145 * 55mm. Tools pcb. Telescopes universal mobile phone camera adapter. 2inch/50.8mm. For astronomy telescope. 0.05-40m/60m/80m/100m. Mount scope. Magnifier card credit 3 x. Level: Third hand. 58mm x 38mm x 23mm. The function type: 15.7*7.5*5cm. Tilt sensor measurement range: Lapsun 14mp. 

400mm Lens

Meter/inch/feet/in&ft. Wholesale mak. Usb hdmi. Speed distance. Folding mirror. 28443. Magnifier 25mm. Protection class: Ring work. 376 g. Camera for filming. Ligth. 

10x Magnifier

Black.brown.red. Size :3mm  5mm. Laser distance measure: S6 new. Leds mask. Mount-t1. Beads king. Focal 50.8mm. Auxiliary light source: Convenient. 32℉-109.4℉(0℃-43℃). 6m0003. Hdmi microscope digital. 60/40. Adjustable illumination: Led 8 x. 40khz. 

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